Alexander Grant


Personal Strong problem solver, team player, innovator and quick learner.
CAD/Graphics Solidworks, Rhino, Blender, Google SketchUp, 3DS Max, InkScape, Gimp
Manual Skills Prototype building, metal and wood construction experience, capable with: hand tools, power tools and laser cutters.
Programming Python, Javascript, C++, VB, Java, SQL, HTML, CSS
Languages English, French and German fluently; intermediate Spanish

Professional Experience:

Remote Project Consultant

oDesk , Monterrey, Mexico Jan 2014 – present

Worked on a number of software development projects; many web based using python, javascript, html and css. Other projects included 3D visualisations and manipulations using Blender with python scripting. Generated project proposals for clients and and upon acceptance followed them through; updated plans and timelines based on needs and desires of the customer.

GENtle Developer

Synbiota , Montreal, QC May – Nov 2013

Improved usability and performance of a one-page JavaScript application. Created new interactive visualisations using html canvas and WebGL. Gained experience integrating many open source software libraries, such as jQuery, bootstrap and moment.js. Worked with a distributed team in a linux environment. Responsible for application maintenance on Amazon EC2 server.

Technology Consultant

OTB Solutions , Vancouver, BC May – Aug 2010

Worked as a consultant replacing aging computer systems in a local firm; updating their in house business solution to work with Windows 7, and fully integrating with Microsoft Office 2010. Gained a firm understanding of using VBA for complex projects, and the fundamentals of SharePoint.

Technology Co-Op

Hoberman Associates , New York, NY Jan – Apr 2009

Worked directly under the VP of technology for a variety projects. Designed and coded a networked time-sheet program in Python. Wrote a program to output geometry for U2-360 Tour Expanding Video Screen. Worked on a variety of 3D visualisation, simulation and animation projects in Rhino and 3DS Max.

Co-op Software Engineer

Electornic Arts , Burnaby, BC May – Aug 2008

R&D Intern

Campaigner Pro , Montreal, QC Sep – Dec 2007

Assistant Webmaster

Natural Resources Canada , Ottawa, ON Jan – Apr 2007


Bachelor of Applied Science in Systems Design Engineering

University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON 2007 – 2013

Completed at the University of Waterloo, with one year exchange to the Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg, in Hamburg, Germany.

Sheet Metal Workers Apprenticeship Certificate

Vancouver, BC 2006

1st Year of a Collegial Diploma in Circus Arts

Montreal, QC 2006

Miscellaneous Experience:

Volunteer Teacher and Activity Co-ordinator

Shanti Bhavan School , Tamil Nadu, India Mar – May 2012

Residence Life Staff

University of Waterloo , Waterloo, ON Sep – Dec 2008

Apprentice Sheet Metal Worker

Agvale Industries , Vancouver, BC Jun – Aug 2006

Coach of Circus Arts

Cirkids , Vancouver, BC 2000 – 2005


Programming From writing code snippets in Python to solve silly word problems to full fledged programs in C++ OpenGL working towards a better automatic pop-up card design algorithm.
Electronics Helped a friend create a precise bamboo curing oven using elements from a toaster oven and an Arduino. Constructed and coded few robotic drawing arms.
Crafting Visualising, designing and building toys, furniture, physical puzzles—especially applying theoretical techniques to the real world.